Multiline Technolabs has been developing new Learning Management Systems and customizing existing ones since 2014.Our LMS developers have helped startups successfully release their products, optimized training at corporations and gave nonprofits new tools for making the world a better place.

LMS Development

We are the most trusted enterprise-class LMS providers and customization partners in India. Our clients count on us for customizations and up-gradation of various LMS like,Codeignite, Laravel, Moodel and Success Factors among others.

We perform various activities that make us one of the top learning management system development companies in India. These activities include LMS development from scratch, upgrade of existing learning management systems, and LMS customization. Our solutions also include m-LMS (mobile LMS applications). We also do customisation of mobile app.

Our LMS development activity comprises of a meticulous process. There are a number of steps that are performed.

The first step is ideation. Client requirements are analyzed in this phase. Our and clients’ teams communicate with each other to exchange information and ideas. A detailed understanding of what the business need’ is established. It is ensured that clients and we are on the same page as far as scope of the project, timeline, commercials etc.

The second step involves creating designs for the project. These designs are called wireframes. Once done, those are sent across to clients for approval. After the approval we move to the next step.

The third step is the actual LMS development. LMS web app and LMS mobile app, both are created as per the client requirement.

The developed LMS solution undergoes rigorous testing, in the next phase. This phase involves the execution of testing methodologies like user acceptance testing, load testing, security testing, validation testing, etc.

We also develop Mobile learning management systems (M-LMS) that allow you to provide flexibility to your learners to access your LMS from anywhere, from any device.

LMS can be an asset to the organization of any size, purpose, and financial capability. While developing a new system from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, the business goals can often be achieved by taking an open-source LMS (like Codeigniter, Laravel Open edX, or Moodle) and expanding its functionality.

multiline Techonlabs provided learning management system development services for customers from the USA, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Israel, and many other countries.

LMS Development services

Helping you go to market with a brand new product or creating a turnkey solution for corporate training.

Ready-made LMS

Providing you with an existing LMS that can be used as-is or be customized to save time and money on development.

LMS Customization

Modifying open-source systems to perfectly fit your company’s branding, mission, and processes.

Empower Modern Education with a Dynamic Learning Management System

  • Elevate the teaching and learning experience by creating a versatile learning management system (LMS) that caters to the unique needs of today's learners. Our LMS development solutions are designed to address modern educational requirements, providing smart, interactive, and engaging eLearning solutions.

Virtual Classrooms

  • Embrace remote education with virtual classrooms that enable students and instructors to connect seamlessly for live, interactive learning sessions. Craft a dynamic LMS equipped with robust video conferencing features and the capacity to manage a large number of concurrent users, supporting highly interactive virtual classrooms.

On-demand Online Courses

  • Harness the potential of eLearning through on-demand online courses, podcasts, and learning materials tailored to individual educational and skill development needs. Build an engaging LMS that satisfies the curiosity of learners with on-demand educational content spanning diverse subjects, catering to specific learning requirements.

Collaborative Learning

  • Expand the horizons of education with collaborative learning, engaging individuals through discussion forums, live chats, group projects, and more to foster knowledge development through shared information. Customize your LMS development with advanced features that promote modern education through collaborative knowledge and skill development.


  • Make education accessible and available with M-Learning solutions, meeting the modern needs of learners by offering personalized training and learning resources to a wider audience. Optimize your LMS for mobile compatibility, allowing learners to access educational content and participate in learning activities using smartphones and tablets.

Activity-based Education

  • Transform learning into an enjoyable experience with activity-based educational programs featuring engaging 2D and 3D graphics, loyalty programs, real-time leaderboards, quests, and more for immersive learning that enhances knowledge retention. Develop a sophisticated LMS with high-grade multimedia features to enable game-based or activity-led eLearning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LMS development is instrumental in addressing crucial training and skill development needs. It efficiently bridges training gaps, enhances learner engagement and productivity, improves knowledge retention, reduces educational costs, and broadens the reach of learning. Maximize the potential of eLearning with us as your software development partner. Connect with us now for an estimate on your custom LMS software development project.
LMS encompasses a wide array of solutions to elevate the quality of the learning and training process. Some of the top LMS features that perform exceptionally in the market include lesson planning or scheduling, digital content management, online and offline assessments, live classrooms, study material sharing capabilities, and support for remote learning.
The cost of developing learning management software varies based on your unique functionality requirements, the complexity of features, team requirements, project engagement model, and infrastructure needs. Share your specific requirements with our team to receive an accurate estimate today!
Selecting the ideal LMS development company requires assessing their capabilities to handle diverse custom requirements. Look for companies that offer flexible and future-proof solutions, streamlined workflow methodologies, and expertise in next-gen tech frameworks. Radixweb stands out as one of the top LMS development companies, with a rich portfolio of collaborations with renowned global brands and the delivery of cutting-edge solutions. Our certified EdTech experts are trusted by global corporations for eLearning solutions because:
  • We tailor our approach to each case, ensuring the right results from your learning management system.
  • We prioritize essentials and meticulously design solutions, considering every detail.
  • We possess state-of-the-art technologies and a team of highly vetted talents capable of executing complex solutions.

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