Mobile App Development

Multiline Technolabs offers both native and hybrid mobile application development.

Mobile Application Development

The software, which suits your specific purpose may not be readily available in the market. When packaged solutions and software are not flexible or sufficient enough for your enterprise, Multiline Technolabs can custom build to your requirements efficiently. We help define your needs, write specs and design, develop, test as well as integrate software across different platforms--including Internet technologies-allowing your systems to function in the new operating environments.

Our Approaches to Application Development and Integration

Cooperative development: Our experts will work with your IT personnel to evaluate, design, execute, test and incorporate new systems. Full life-cycle app development-We assume responsibility for evaluating, designing, implementing, testing and integrating of systems from start to finish.

Multiline Technolabs's Custom Application Development Services

  • Designing, developing and implementing application
  • Systems consolidation/integration
  • Re-engineering, porting services and performance tuning
  • Packages implementation
  • Requirement analysis and feasibility for business case

Why Should You Consider Multiline Technolabs For Your Application Development?

  • Comprehensive services
  • Development expertise
  • Quality assessments
  • Transparent and robust framework
  • Continuous improvement

Our Methodology

Discover the journey our projects undergo!

We'll take you through each step in the process that we follow to craft the perfect custom mobile application for your needs. Many startups and businesses invest a substantial amount of time in digitizing their operations to provide a smooth and seamless user experience. However, they often face challenges due to a lack of expertise, knowledge, and commitment. With our custom mobile application development services and seasoned professionals, you can unlock the full potential of digitizing your business processes. Our hybrid and native mobile app development services adhere to the following steps:

  • These steps ensure a structured and efficient approach to creating your custom mobile application, resulting in a seamless user experience and the realization of your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The development timeline for a mobile app can vary based on factors such as the chosen development platform, design complexity, developer expertise, feature set, testing, and more. For an estimate tailored to your specific requirements, please reach out to us.
Multiline Technolabs is a certified custom software development company with over 12 years of experience assisting businesses in various industries, including IT, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. We have a track record of delivering over 500 successful solutions, earning client satisfaction through quality products and timely project delivery. Many of our clients have experienced significant growth and investment after utilizing our software development services.
Our mobile app development services start at $10,000, with hourly rates beginning at $16/hour. The total cost of your app will depend on factors like complexity, UI/UX design, and feature set. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, we recommend collaborating on a detailed project scope.
Mobile apps are instrumental in expanding your audience, enhancing brand visibility, increasing sales, and ultimately boosting profitability. Customizable mobile apps provide convenient, one-touch access to your products and services, facilitating business growth.
Our hourly rates typically range from $16 to $30/hour, depending on the project's requirements. We carefully assign experts from our team based on your project's specific needs to optimize results.
While we strive to ensure your satisfaction, we understand that preferences may vary. We offer a resource/team switch option if necessary and maintain regular communication to address any concerns and ensure your contentment with our services.
At Multiline Technolabs, we believe in continuous improvement. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance plans to ensure the ongoing success of your product. Our free post-development support is guaranteed, and we provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Whether your website was developed by another agency or by us, we are committed to providing top-notch maintenance and support.
Absolutely! We have a global clientele, and we're proud to have satisfied clients who are willing to share their experiences. If you have any concerns or questions, we can connect you with our happy clients for reference.

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