E-commerce Development

Wanted to sell your products online. eCommerce solutions we build for you will make it happen and it is easy to customize and manageable.

E-commerce Web Development and Design

E-commerce is short of electronic commerce which means selling and buying of products/ services via internet or any other computer modes. E-commerce has helped organisations and businessmen to overcome the barriers of distance and time to buy, sell and carry out their business transactions across the globe without any problems. Because of its great features and advantages it has acquired great fame and importance.

We have long history of developing custom eCommerce solutions with the help of:

  • PHP Custom e-commerce development
  • Flash custom e-commerce development
  • Yahoo store development
  • eBay store development
  • WordPress E-commerce Development
Our e-commerce solutions have all the features to make your online business successful. We offer our e-commerce solutions to all sizes of online store whether it is a small sized retail store or a huge online shopping mall.

Features of our e-commerce solutions are:

  • Our e-commerce solutions have user friendly menu and easy navigation for the users.
  • We offer great shopping cart solutions.
  • Our e-commerce solutions enables the user to complete the whole shopping task easily with multiple payment options, support of online purchase, multiple shipping options and check out and order in one single page.
  • We provide our customers with an e-commerce solution which has easy access to review all the products available in the site.
  • Our e-commerce solution has easy payment gateway integration.
  • Updated track record of all online products for sale.
  • Most effective administration and backend system.
  • Customized e-commerce shopping cart according to your business needs.


  • When you opt for our ecommerce platform development services, you're making a choice in favor of a dedicated team committed to crafting a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Our attention to detail, from creating responsive designs to optimizing site speed, is geared toward contributing to your ultimate success.
  • Efficient Project Coordination :

  • Our skilled ecommerce site developers excel at project management, ensuring the creation of a flawlessly designed ecommerce store that radiates beauty.
  • Expertise in Every Aspect :

  • Our devoted team of specialists employs a unique development approach that not only curbs e-commerce web design costs but also accelerates development timelines, delivering efficient solutions.
  • Timely Project Delivery :

  • Our e-commerce web designers' distinctive strength lies in their ability to deliver projects either on schedule or ahead of schedule, thanks to their swift and efficient work methodology.
  • Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Ecommerce Journey?

  • Feel free to get in touch with us for a consultation. Let's discuss how our ecommerce store development services can elevate your online business. At Multiline Technolabs, we don't just build websites; we build brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When embarking on website or mobile app development, one of the first questions that arises is, "How much does it cost to create an eCommerce website in India?" With India's leading website developer, you can establish your own online store and mobile app for just Rs. 9,999.
Our dedicated customer service specialists are available 24/7 to assist you. You can connect with them through live chat or open a support ticket by logging into your account. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at [email protected].
Typically, it takes approximately 7-10 working days to deliver a website for alpha/beta testing and around 7-8 days for app development.
If you come across any technical glitches or issues, please report them to us promptly. You can reach out through live chat, open a support ticket, or email us at [email protected]. We are committed to resolving these within 24 working hours.
We stand by a No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy. If you're unsatisfied, you can request a refund via email or our customer support panel, and we will process it within 24 hours.
Absolutely, all our products are designed for scalability. You can scale both vertically and horizontally, and our backend components can be dockerized and clustered to meet your growing needs.

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